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Google Maps: Blocked over 100 million incorrect edits

The Google Maps teams removed over 100 million erroneous changes, as stated by the information technology company in an official note.

Google Maps receives about 20 million contributions every day and it often happens that, instead of improving the service, the interventions create damage. As the cyber giant reports in a note, during the whole of 2021, the global teams responsible for taking care of the navigation app have blocked more than 100 million incorrect changes, including photos, descriptions and opening hours of businesses.

Fake company profiles and claims

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Through the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence, the company has been able to find a way to detect and remove more than 7 million fake company profiles from Google Maps, of which 630 thousand reported directly by users.

Attempts to create fake company profiles amounted to over 12 million, while almost 8 million interventions were made to claim commercial activities , not actually belonging to the authors of the changes.

Google’s Group Product Manager, User Generated Content, Pavithra Kanakarajan, explained: “Through improvements in machine learning technologies, we have disabled more than 1 million user accounts due to policy-violating activities, such as online vandalism. or fraud .

According to data recorded by the company, following various reopenings from lockdowns, people have relied more on Google Maps to check the opening hours of shops, parks and other places of public interest. In addition, there was an increased focus on security protocols in place.

This resulted in “a flood of fake reviews and violent content often for no specific reason. Review bombing , for example, has become a popular way for people to try to harm local businesses, an extreme phenomenon where the public debate on security measures has been most animated,” the statement added. Due to this unfair practice, Google has blocked or deleted over 95 million reviews, of which 60,000 for reasons related to the Coronavirus .