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Giorgetti: “We are pushing for biofuels”

On future mobility Giancarlo Giorgetti speaks openly about biofuels: the electric transition may not be enough.

While in Europe the debate on the endothermic ban proposed by the European Commission rages, Italy is playing open cards: it is necessary to turn towards “technological neutrality” , also examining biofuels , in order to avoid the “very hard impact” of a ecological transition limited only to electric mobility. Who provides a clear overview of the philosophy of our institutions is the Ministry of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti . “The country – he told #FORUMAutoMotive – is facing an epochal technological challenge to meet the new requirements that the international community has set itself and which will also have a very severe impact on our automotive supply chain” .

Giorgetti: electric is not enough


Later, Giorgetti underlined that the transition will be supported “by the Italian government, in full agreement with the decarbonization objectives, but with pragmatism” and “taking into due consideration the economic and social consequences that will derive from it. The transformation must be managed because the social consequences could also be very important. The government – Giorgetti recalled – has allocated huge resources to support the demand for ecological cars in our country, so that they can gradually be available to all, holding firm to the principle of technological neutrality that we have also brought to Cop26 , with an eye to the future and not limited to just the electric car “ .

In this regard, the executive member revealed a novelty in the context of the current discussions on the European Commission proposal to remove endothermic vehicles from circulation for 2035 : “At the European level we are pushing for the eligibility of biofuels , on which the ‘Italy is a technological excellence, and on the research front. We must ensure that all the pieces of the supply chain can participate in this transformation process, adapting their entrepreneurial mission and their plants. The government and the Mise are alongside the sector and the supply chain, but with the awareness that everyone must do their part “ , finally guaranteed Giorgetti, recalling ” the incentives allocated for the purchase of electric cars and to support industrial reconversion of the entire supply chain “ .