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Fuels: gasoline exceeds two euros per liter with the Russian war

The cost of petrol exceeds 2 euros per liter. After the war declared by Russia on Ukraine, the price of oil remains high.

Between the two years of the Covid emergency and the rising fuel prices, we would have already had enough. But with the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, further problems arise with Italian gasoline , which in many cases went beyond 2 euros .

This is what emerges from the latest surveys of the Mite, relating to the week from 14 to 20 February 2022 . The data brought to public attention indicate an average of 1.85 euros per liter for petrol and 1.72 per liter for diesel, almost on par. Quotidiano Energia reports, on the other hand, values ​​of 1.861 euros per liter in the case of petrol and 1.734 per liter with regard to diesel in recent days. The blow reaches the served , where the gasoline exceeds the 2 euro threshold (2.088 euro per liter), while the diesel reaches 1.87 euro per liter.

Following the clash between Russia and Ukraine, Brent (the value of the barrel) reached a record figure of 105 dollars . It has now dropped to $ 100, although it is estimated to remain around $ 102 by the end of 2022. If the forecasts were respected, the prices at the pump would be 1.95 euros per liter for petrol and 1.85 euros per liter for diesel.

The good news

In spite of the critical issues highlighted above, there are still two good news: it is positive that oil is not included in the sanctions raised in Moscow; moreover, only 10 percent of our crude oil is imported from Putin’s state. Ergo, there is no risk that our distributors run dry – unlike gas, which is imported from Russia for 40 percent of our needs.

In any case, Italian families must further tighten their belts: Assoutenti, Codacons and Unc estimate an annual increase of 400 euros per nucleus for fuel.