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Ferrari Purosangue: here is the first official photo

Finally, the Ferrari Purosangue supersuv comes out into the open, with the first official photo shared by the Maranello company.

The photos stolen in the Maranello production center gave the Ferrari home a shock. Who published the first official image of the new suv. A supersuv: Ferrari Purosangue , ça va sans dire. After all, we will expect nothing less than perfection from the Emilian car manufacturer. To be fair, the company has unbuttoned the bare minimum. In the sense that the shared shot is only one. But that may be enough to realize what it has in store, as the lines stand out in their enchanting beauty.

Stop playing hide and seek


Here is the answer to the rumors – leaked in the previous days through social channels all over the globe – of the imminent launch of the Ferrari Purosangue, an unprecedented and long-awaited model by wealthy customers and mere enthusiasts. More precisely, the company has decided to use the Twitter profile, in an image destined to further ignite the general enthusiasm.

From their official account, the executives said: “What you have heard are just rumors and we are happy to confirm that they are true, at least some of them. Everything will be revealed later in the year “ . A few words, in the tradition of Maranello , which are, however, accompanied by a front view of Ferrari Purosangue. Something beyond various design and marketing explanations. The new supersuv exudes an extraordinary charm, exudes grit, personality. And above all it is a voice out of the chorus, in the style of a Ferrari.

The model marks a historic turning point, as the first jewel of the brand with five real seats , with other bodywork and crossover / shooting brake silhouette, rather than sport utility in the strict sense of the term. At the same time, it could prove to be the last creation of the Prancing Horse to mount the petrol V12, as they know and appreciate it everywhere. We’ll see if the rumors are confirmed or not.