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Ferrari: donates one million euros to the Ukrainian population

Noble gesture by Ferrari, which has decided to contribute to the fundraising of the Emilia-Romagna Region for the Ukrainian population.

Ferrari donates one million euros to the Ukrainian population through the fundraising promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region .

“A gesture of great significance – commented Stefano Bonaccini , president of the Region – . A sign of solidarity and true closeness for which I thank Ferrari, a group once again close to the territory and to the initiatives that are born in the territory, in this case to help and support the Ukrainian people, victims of an unacceptable and unjustifiable war “.

Close to the territory

Then, Bonaccini continued: “To support these people, the refugees arriving and those who remain in Ukraine – continues Bonaccini – we have decided to open a fundraiser to which many citizens, businesses, associations and social and economic representatives are responding. For projects, activities and initiatives that we will report on time. A choral response that, all the more reason, pushes us to do everything possible both to welcome here, in Emilia-Romagna, and to assist directly in Ukraine the many struggling with their distorted lives and sufferings that we hope will end as soon as possible. , to leave room for a scenario of peace. In the meantime, Emilia-Romagna wants to be with them and on their side. Thanks again to Ferrari. And thanks to all those who are donating and who will decide to do so “ .

The CEO of the Maranello company, Benedetto Vigna , on the other hand stated: “Ferrari is close to the Ukrainian population in this terrible historical moment. While we hope for a speedy return to dialogue and a peaceful solution, we cannot remain helpless in the face of the suffering of the affected civilians. Our thoughts and our solidarity go to them. We are ready to play our small part alongside those institutions that bring concrete relief to the humanitarian drama ”.