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F1, Vettel: “It’s horrible to see what’s happening in Ukraine”

F1, Former world champion Sebastian Vettel declares he does not want to race the Russian Grand Prix as a protest.

Former Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel spoke about the situation in Ukraine and expressed his opinion firmly: Well, as soon as I woke up this morning I read the news and I was shocked. It is horrible to see what is happening in Ukraine, people will die for a stupid question and for a crazy leadership ”.

The former World Champion adds: “We will certainly talk about it with the other riders, because I immediately thought we would be racing in Sochi on 25 September. We will talk about it with the others but I have already made my decision. I think we shouldn’t go there to run, in fact I certainly won’t go ”.

The opinions of other pilots

Besides Vettel, Fernando Alonso also wanted to have his say: “all the drivers agree on the gravity of the situation, but we have no power over F1 or politics”. He adds: “” F1 will make the best decision. “

Verstappen and Leclerc prefer to receive the right information first: “the situation is not nice but we don’t know how things stand”. Binotto concludes: “a terrible situation but there are still many months for the GP and we hope the situation will be better. But given the drama of the situation. The race is certainly not the priority. “