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F1, Red Bull, Verstappen: “No one has yet shown their full potential”

F1, Red Bull, Verstappen: “we will have to continue to become faster during the season and make steady progress.”

F1, Sergio Perez’s Red Bull set the fastest time this morning. He also amazes with the fastest lap ever Max Verstappen at the end of the third and final day of testing. Red Bull is therefore a candidate for the 2022 World Championship as a team to beat, despite a very competitive Ferrari and a hidden Mercedes.

Spectacular lap for the reigning Dutch champion who amazes with C5 soft tires with 1: 31.720. But not only. Verstappen has expressed his feelings about the work done in the tests, warning the competition that Red Bull has not yet put its full potential on the table.

The words of Max Verstappen

These are the words of the Red Bull World Champion, Max Verstappen : “The car has given positive feedback, also in terms of balance, with the latter being very important”. Furthermore, the World Champion at the end of Saturday’s tests on his official website stated: “Among the aspects to highlight, there is also that of having completed the entire test program. The new parts we tested on the car today worked as well as hoped. “

He adds: “In these days we have learned many characteristics of the car, and we have also managed to make it faster, as intended. Over the course of the day it is natural to progress and go faster and faster, also because we tested different tires for next week’s Grand Prix. No one has yet shown their full potential, including us. The leitmotif this season will focus on how quickly the car can be developed. Everything is new this year, so we will have to keep getting faster during the season and making steady progress ”.