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F1, Red Bull, Verstappen: “Nice to be up front with both Ferraris”

F1, Red Bull, Verstappen appears calm after the lack of pole position, indeed he appears happy to be able to fight with Ferraris.

F1, the all-time favorite Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is not upset by the lack of pole position today. By a tenth, he loses pole position in favor of Charles Leclerc ‘s Ferrari. The pilot, reigning world champion, however, did not show insecurity when talking to journalists.

Speaking to Sky Sport he said: “The qualifying was an alternating current. Q2 had gone very well, but in Q3 I was unable to find the right balance between front and rear ”- Max adds -“ For this reason I was unable to bring all the speed into the corners and I lost some time. But these are things that can happen “. Despite the strong disappointment of the fans, Ferrari’s return to the top, on the other hand, seems to stimulate the driver.

Max Verstappen continues

F1, Verstappen says : “I think it’s exciting to be up front with both Ferraris – revealed the champion again – it’s nice to see him. Let’s hope there is a great battle tomorrow too. Questions for the tender? Not really, but there are some things we will have to deal with. We hope to be competitive. Do the Ferrari drivers say we had a better race pace on Friday? I hope it will be the same tomorrow, but only time will tell ”.

Interviewed instead on the Viaplay channel, Verstappen also unbuttoned the relationship that binds him to the two Ferrari drivers. He grew up with Sainz during his experience in Toro Rosso in 2015. With Leclerc , on the other hand, the strong rivalry is known even if it seems that time has alleviated the ancient dislikes: “Fight with Ferrari instead of Mercedes? It’s not that important. But I have a good relationship with Charles and Carlos. We hope to be able to keep it for a long time “.