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F1, Mercedes, Hamilton: “there are problems that take time”

F1, third place cannot be enough for Mercedes but above all for Lewis Hamilton who appears very worried.

F1 was not pretactic, Lewis Hamilton ‘s and Mercedes ‘ was not a bluff, his W13 is not at the level of Ferrari and Red Bull. We are talking about an extreme single-seater, efficient but not performing but still reliable. But in fact, the problem is pure performance, which is not insignificant.

These are Hamilton’s words on the situation: “Seeing Ferrari win is nice, but I hope that at some point we will be able to battle with them. For about five laps I deluded myself that I could fight Carlos Sainz, but then he disappeared. I did not expect the podium. We have a lot of work to do and a big deficit in terms of performance ”.

The situation of the W13

Hamilton is however determined and hopes to upgrade his Mercedes F1 W13 soon. These are the words: “Two things we have learned: that our car is reliable and that two teams are much faster than us. But in a way we already knew that. We have learned a lot this weekend. “

He adds: “Both Ferrari and Red Bull are very fast on the straight, and their cornering performance is also different from ours. The car is difficult to drive, I hope for an improvement in the next race, but there are some fundamental problems that take a little longer to solve. “

He concludes: “We are facing challenges that we did not expect, but no one is complaining. We are all positive and all keep their heads down. This weekend we got the most out of the car. The season will be long and we love challenges “. Conclusion on hopping: “Our porpoising has been better than in the recent past. I hope it can be further reduced in the next races. “