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F1, Mercedes, Hamilton: “the hard tires were really terrible, horrible”

F1, Mercedes, Hamilton finishes third on the podium, the English driver did not believe he could reach this result.

F1 , Mercedes enjoyed the good fortune that Red Bulls did not finish the race. Hamilton reaches third place, while Russell fourth but Lewis commented on his race: “There were several challenges, on all those to keep the tires alive I got a great start, and the first phase of the race was fantastic. At a certain point I also found myself fighting with Ferraris, and I didn’t expect it. “

He adds: “But then, all of a sudden, they started doing ‘hammer-time’ and they disappeared. Later, however, I had to fight a lot with the tires: the hard ones were really terrible, horrible. Strange, because in rehearsal they were fine. I certainly didn’t expect to get on the podium but I was hoping for it, also because hope is always there, and sometimes it can help ”.

Verstappen’s comment

F1 , Verstappen also commented bitterly at not being able to finish the Bahrain GP when he was in second place: “I am disappointed. In the worst scenario we could have finished in second place, which would have been a good result, but there were problems that came more and more. “

He concludes: “When you see two cars retiring at the end of the race, it’s really bad. In the championship, the important thing is to score points, even when you have a bad weekend. Losing so many in one weekend is extremely painful. I haven’t talked to the team about Checo’s problem yet. We have to analyze everything, but it is extremely painful “.