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F1, Mercedes, Allison: “We will put our car in front”

Allison has no doubts, she will close the gap to be able to see Mercedes again in the first places in F1 after the first races.

Mercedes F1 coach James Allison has no doubts that he will be able to bring the car back to the top of the standings.

These are the words of the CTO: “I think most of this comes from the size of our rear wing – revealed James Allison – looking at the front section of ours it was definitely the largest. The rear wings are an important factor in the car’s drag and drag is an important factor affecting the top speed on the straight ”.

He adds: “There may also be small differences in the power of the engines, but at the moment I don’t think anyone has the exact hierarchical order of the current power units, although the gaps, if any, in my opinion are very small”.

The conviction of being able to move forward

Allison is asked if she can get back to the front of the W13 F1 straight away: “Well, we’re not just looking for race success, but we want to compete for the championships. This is the aim: certainly the titles arrive by winning the GPs. But we have to do a lot of work because in Sakhir we were 6 tenths off the pace of the leaders. “

He adds: “In reality, after the winter tests I had feared worse: the improvement we were able to make between the winter tests and the first race. That maybe it was not visible to the fans, it was reassuring within the team: we will quickly return to a competitive car and we will be able to pursue the objectives “.

He concludes: “Ours is an ambitious car, some will argue that perhaps we have bitten more than we can chew. But we intend to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. We hope in the next two or three races, but in any case we will put our car in front ”.