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F1, Haas, Magnussen: “I was driven very well by the engineers”

F1, the Ferrari-powered Haas driver, is totally happy with his fifth position at the Bahrain GP. Here is the story.

F1 , Kevin Magnussen can’t believe his eyes with his Haas , the VF-22 car is currently the fourth force in the championship after two years from last in the standings. As well as being perfect for him, the return of the Dane is also perfect for the team which has an improved but above all experienced rider who can help Mick Schumacher improve.

These are the words of the Dane about the race: “It was a lot of fun. It’s really nice to be in this position all over again and I just have to thank the team for the incredible work they have done ”.

He adds: “We were the fastest mid-table car on the track. I was able to follow Mercedes for almost the entire race. Of course, it is true that the safety car helped us at the end, but today we have seen a different story than in the past ”.

Magnussen’s analysis

F1 , so the Haas driver analyzes it all: “As I have already said all weekend, I still can’t believe the opportunity I had. It’s crazy to think we finished in fifth position ”.

But the driver admits he was worried: “I was worried about finishing the race in worse physical condition, but sometimes when you are in a good position your body gets some extra energy.”

He adds: “We are aware that our goal is the mid-table group. Today we were lucky with the withdrawal of the Red Bulls, but if we were to finish in seventh place in Jeddah it would be a similar result for us. Today we got four points more than we would have taken with a seventh place ”.

He concludes: “I was driven very well by the engineers who showed me how much to push in the most critical corners. I’m certainly becoming more and more familiar with the car, but it is valid for everyone ”.