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F1, Ferrari: the renewal of the contract of Carlos Sainz is near

The agreement for the renewal of Carlos Sainz’s contract is very close, the Ferrari driver will be confirmed in F1.

F1, Carlos Sainz goes, works, he is not yet at the level of teammate Leclerc with these new 2022 cars but Ferrari has chosen: the drivers do not touch.

The relationship between the two Ferrari drivers is currently idyllic, no particular clash, no disaster like in the time of Sebastian Vettel. Carlos Sainz, however, admits that he still does not feel at the level of his teammate with the F1-75 but that he is working to close the gap.

These are Sainz ‘s words on the renewal agreement almost found: “I think we are close. Very close. Very, very close. Extremely close. We are almost there”.

The near agreement that is also confirmed by Binotto

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto comments on the almost renewal of his son of art: “I think we have found an agreement. It is just a matter of putting it on paper ”.

Sainz also talks about the last race: “In FP1, FP2 and FP3 I was far behind, the furthest from Charles I’ve ever been in Ferrari, and that’s why even with the double, I’m not entirely happy with the weekend”.

He adds: “As a Ferrari driver it was my hardest weekend and it just shows that I need to work with my head down, understand this car, understand what Charles is making a difference in approaching the corners and managing the tires.”

The Spaniard certainly does not want to feel inferior: “I need to improve if I want to fight for the win and I will try to take some steps forward in Jeddah. Can I improve from one weekend to the next? I think I can do it ”.

He concludes: “Can I completely reduce the deficit? That’s a great question. I wish I could and I will work hard to try ”.