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F1, Ferrari, Leclerc: “The lap seemed good to me honestly”

F1, the Ferrari driver, Leclerc will start second tomorrow by just 25 thousandths behind Sergio Perez. In the words of Sainz too.

F1 , after a spectacular qualifying session of the Saudi Arabian GP, ​​Leclerc comments on the second place with his Ferrari behind only a handful of thousandths from Perez.

These are the words of the Ferrarista: “The lap seemed good to me honestly, I’m very happy – revealed Charles Leclerc – In all qualifying it was a question of keeping the car on track without making mistakes, it wasn’t easy. Then on the last lap of Q3 I gave it my all and managed to put everyone together, maybe I could gain a little bit but I expected Checo to come out with this time. Kudos to him and I’m sure he did an amazing job today. Tomorrow we hope to be able to get off to a good start ”.

Sainz’s comment

F1, Carlos Sainz will start third, once again behind Leclerc but this time both behind Perez, this is the comment of the Spanish Ferrari driver: “The lap that brought me to third place was good, it was on used tires. I don’t know why this weekend I’m doing better with used tires than with new tires. “

He concludes: “I have a lot of trouble managing new tires. On the last attempt of the Q3 I had no grip, I struggled a lot. To be with used tires I didn’t do a bad lap, but Checo and Charles made a little mockery of me. Tomorrow will be an exciting race. We have the cars mixed between Ferrari and Red Bull and we will also play a little with the strategy I think. I think it will be a good race. “