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F1, Domenicali: “It’s not just Las Vegas, there are other cities interested”

F1 is no longer for a few, everyone wants a GP, so Domenicali explains: “we need to see where we have other opportunities”.

F1 , everyone likes it, the cars have come close, this causes spectacular. Domenicali explains that there is more than the request for Las Vegas, these are his words: “There is not only Las Vegas, there are other cities interested in Formula 1. We have to keep a balance, see where we have other opportunities and very soon we will tell everyone what our strategy is to develop that market, ”he reveals to Sky Sports UK.

So we go into the future towards three stages in the United States, or with two stages that will change over the years.

But not only that, Domenicali also looks to the African continent, a stage that has been missing for some time: “In addition to America, in addition to China, there is the potential to soon be in Africa as well. There is a lot of interest there and certainly it is another area so far absent from the geography of our calendar. “

Grand Prix increase

The question everyone is asking is to what extent F1 GPs can increase, to date there are 23 (with one to choose to replace the Russian GP). But the potential is clear towards 25 GPs, which to date is a limit.

But Domenicali admits the possibility of even reaching 30 if you wanted to: “There is the potential for the GP calendar to rise to 24, I would say that there is also the potential for 30, in terms of interest that we register throughout the world. It is up to us to find the right balance by evaluating which venues they would like to be in Formula 1, which are the historical values ​​that we have to see on the calendar. There are some promoters whose contracts are about to expire and, probably, some of the current Grands Prix will no longer be part of the calendar ”.

The last reference is possible both for the French GP.