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F1, Aston Martin: possible entry as a Power Unit supplier

Team principal Krack confirms the feasibility study phase at Aston Martin for entry as a PU supplier.

There has always been interest, just as no further indications have emerged on Aston Martin ‘s 2026 engine strategy. series product and will increase over the next few years.

Imagining an Aston Martin detaching itself from Mercedes to create its own power unit four years after the agreement appears extremely complicated.

But after the opening words in recent months, team principal Mike Krack, coming from BMW, has returned to talk about it, most recently his experience in Formula E.

The Team Principal speaks

These are the words of Mike Krack of Aston Martin : “I must say that we are, first of all, happy with the engine partner we have. However, new regulations will arrive in 2026 and there will be more emphasis on electric power than today. “

He adds: “For brands like Aston Martin it is normal that, with the arrival of new regulations, they have to evaluate and investigate whether this is the right thing to do from a strategic point of view.”

for F1: “For Formula 1 it is the right choice, to have a greater contribution of hybrid power or, in any case, to unbalance the power towards the electric. I was involved in BMW on both planes, Formula E and Hypercar, similar to Formula 1 although not identical. “

He concludes: “As for the timing, now is the right time to evaluate if we want to be on track in 2026. The new infrastructure plan in place is a 5-year program and we will have all the possibilities, all the structures necessary to be successful. ”Reveals Krack.