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F1, Andretti-Renault: formal agreement for the supply of the engine

If Andretti’s American team makes its debut in F1 in 2024, it will be able to count on Renault engines. The French house pushes.

F1 team Andretti Global, team owned by Michael Andretti . son of the 1978 world champion, Mario. He made the request to the FIA ​​in order to actually enter the top car championship. The French manufacturer, through Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi, had opened up to a possible partnership with Andretti in the event of a hypothetical entry into F1. However, postponing the question to a moment that would not distract the team from the commitments of the next world championship.

The roads between Alpine and Andretti have recently intensified with a formal agreement between the two manufacturers, which provides for the supply of Renault power units to the future American team from 2024.

The understanding found between the French house and the team

F1, an agreement that was communicated by Mario Andretti during an interview with David Land, during which he confessed some details of the negotiation: “We have a formal agreement now on the supplier of the engine that will be Renault, and I am authorized to say it now “.

In addition to this, Andretti explained Toto Wolff’s concern about a possible agreement between his team and Ferrari, which would bring the number of teams powered by the Red to three, just like Mercedes: “There has been a lot of speculation also by Wolff, who was worried that our partnership could be realized with Ferrari ”. He then concludes by saying that the facility will be located in the United Kingdom without specifying where yet.