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Enel: opens 100 battery storage for electric cars

Enel has officially inaugurated the storage center for electric batteries in Melilla, with 78 units coming from Nissan.

Enel officially inaugurates the Second Life project, aimed at sustainable mobility. The storage unit uses 78 Nissan electric vehicle batteries , 48 ​​of which are discarded batteries, while the remaining 30 will be new and have a comparative purpose, the company said. All this in a conventional power plant located in Melilla, an autonomous Spanish city located on the east coast of Morocco, in North Africa. Endesa, Enel’s Iberian subsidiary, takes care of the operations. This was announced by the parent company itself through a note.

An end-of-life solution

electric batteries

The initiative, which is based on the principles of the circular economy , was selected by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a “member initative” . The plan examined by the company relies on the creation of fully electric vehicles, through their interconnection and storage at the Endesa and Melilla plant.

The Second Life project has a capacity of 4 MW and can generate up to 1.7 MWh. Should the power plant disconnect from the electricity system, the storage center is able to supply power to the Melilla electricity grid for 15 minutes – just enough to reset the system and restart the grid.

Enel Green Power CEO Salvatore Bernabei said: “The development of storage technology is essential if we intend to encourage greater penetration of renewables in our energy systems, so that we can truly shape the energy generation of the future. “ .

The CEO of the company then explained why the milestone just crossed constitutes a great success for the company: “This project – he observed – shows that we can find solutions for the management of the end of life cycle of essential equipment such as batteries. , a theme that is at the center of the debate on sustainable energy “ .