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Electric car batteries: how long do they last? This was revealed by one of Tesla’s founders

How long can electric car batteries last? One of Tesla’s founding fathers answers the question.

On the new forms of nutrition we are still in a phase of discovery. Over the past few years, numerous developments have taken place and today, among the various hot topics, there is the curiosity to understand how long electric car batteries last. A recurring question to which many users do not know how to give an answer. After all, how to blame them: the technology is relatively young and the steps forward made by the actors involved actually make it difficult to reach a conclusion. However, now one of Tesla’s founders answers the question.

Green car manufacturers tend to sell them with an 8 to 10 year warranty on their batteries. Therefore, everyone agrees that for at least a decade electric car batteries should ensure excellent performance both in terms of power delivery and capacity, usually around 75 percent after this period of use.

JB Straubel’s speech

Now JB Straubel, one of Tesla ‘s five founding fathers and former manager of the technology division of the Palo Alto company, chaired by Elon Musk, intervenes on the matter. The engineer is a true authority in the context of electric car batteries. From founding to 2019 he was head of development at the US company. Ergo, he knows the subject perfectly. He was responsible for the construction of the cells, supervised the entire supply chain and contributed to the construction of the first Tesla Gigafactory during the launch of the Model 3 .

Once he left the company, the engineer threw himself headlong into Redwood Materials , a company inaugurated in 2017 specializing in the recycling of discarded batteries from electric cars, hybrid vehicles and even smartphones. In short, one who is well versed on the subject.

According to the man’s statements, electric car batteries can safely last 15 years : “I think the battery will follow the life of the car, I don’t think people are going to replace batteries in old cars, even considering the speed. with which the technology is developing – he declared – . After 15 years of life, it may not be more convenient to replace the battery in an older generation car ” .