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Electric and electrified cars: interest is growing, but the cost is moving away

Electric and electrified cars are gaining acclaim, but the cost is still considered too high by drivers.

Just three months after the previous one, Areté publishes a new study, which attests the increasingly widespread knowledge of Italians about electric and electrified cars . However, the survey still shows a major obstacle for the ecological transition: the cost is considered too high, despite the interventions of the Government (to be honest, still unknown) and of the Houses themselves.

The report shows that four out of ten Italians have already driven a vehicle on tap, even extemporaneously. Just under half of the sample analyzed approved its silence and just under 20% both the reduced consumption and the driving pleasure . Prerogatives that even those who have never had the opportunity to test them by hand are expected.

The consistent growth in communication has stimulated interest, associated with the perennial introduction of EV models on which the manufacturers are focusing a lot to avoid breaking the average of carbon dioxide emissions established by the European Union.

As a result, half of the respondents now say they are inclined to get a hybrid and almost 40 percent an electric one, that is to say almost twice as many are ready to ponder the idea three months ago. The reasons are to be attributed to respect for the environment, first of all, from the possibility of saving on consumption and ordinary maintenance.

The greatest criticality

On the other hand, the purchase price is a negative point, generally indicated as 30 per cent higher than the ideal one. This gap between price lists and spending capacity can only be partially bridged by incentives. Over 50 percent of the survey participants intend to spend less than 20,000 euros for a green city car and a maximum of 40,000 euros for a similar compact car. Another noteworthy factor concerns the charging infrastructure and the cost of energy.