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Dear fuels: “optimal prices” for Nomisma Energia, here is the price

Expensive fuels, according to Nomisma Energia gives an optimal fuel price. Here is the situation after the cut in excise duties.

As we know, in recent times, fuel prices have undergone a sharp increase on the rise. This obviously triggered protests from consumers, but not only, also from representative associations and politicians. This prompted the government to intervene.

How? Following the European line with a cut in excise duties to try to lighten the disbursements that are borne by motorists in the least.

The question that should be asked is: “Is there a balanced price between the demands of the end users and the needs of the industry?” Nomisma Energia provides us with some data on the issue, comparing the price lists of service pumps and an “optimal price”. That is, a natural value that is free of extra profit and suitable to cover all costs and taxes.

The calculation, as it happens

Fuel on March 28 had this cost: gasoline cost € 1.853 per liter. This piece is 11 cents higher than the optimal price which would be 1,743 euros. As for diesel, the station price of 1.848 euros compares with the 1.839 euros which would be the “optimal” price, therefore, for a differential of 0.9 cents.

As it is easy to guess, when prices are higher than the optimal ones, we are faced with a negative situation for consumers and vice versa. In Italy and in the rest of Europe, pump prices are determined: by adding to the cost of fuel on the international market those which are excise duties, VAT and a gross margin to cover all costs: transport, margin, manager, investments , advertising.

This is to explain that 1.743 euros calculated by Nomisma Energia for gasoline are nothing more than the result, therefore, of the sum of 0.773 euros of international cost, 0.177 euros of average gross margin, 0.478 of excise duties and, finally, 0.314 of VAT.