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Car insurance: claim for compensation after lockdown

The proposal is to grant a super RC Auto bonus to all motorists who have not been able to use their vehicle.

The lockdown decided by the Government in 2020 to curb the infections from Covid-19 could have effects on motorists during this year, at least in a positive sense for TPL . Many, in fact, with the impossibility of using their own car. They were not able to take advantage of the car insurance payment by not taking advantage of their vehicle that was locked in the garage. Due to restrictions imposed or stopped near your home.

Now, however, insurance companies may be forced to compensate motorists who have found themselves in this situation. Without wanting to, but paying the insurance as required.

The super bonus hypothesis

The hypothesis is that of a super RC Auto bonus, as confirmed by the Undersecretary for the Economy Federico Freni who, responding to a question by the Hon. Alessio Villarosa (Mixed group) in the Finance Committee of the Chamber. He opened up to this possibility, announcing the launch of a special technical table with institutions, administrations and associations. According to the latest data provided to Parliament last year by IVASS, the average price of motor vehicle liability has been falling steadily since 2012, with a cumulative decrease of about 30%.

“In its annual report presented to the Chamber of Deputies – revealed Villarosa – Ivass already confirmed to us how, throughout 2020, the companies had saved over 2.2 billion euros and how they had already planned refreshments. In a very heterogeneous way, for just 811 million euros of which only about 348 paid at least at the time of the survey carried out in 2021 “.

The undersecretary in his comment said that “a special technical table will be set up at the Ministry of Economic Development. In which other possible reimbursement proposals can be carefully analyzed so that the savings accumulated by insurance companies, due to the decrease in claims in the various lockdowns, can finally be transformed into benefits for citizens ”, concludes Villarosa .