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Car incentives: 650 million planned for 2022

For 2022, 650 million dollars of car incentives are planned in Italy, but someone is complaining: companies, which would be excluded.

Finally something seems to be unlocked on car incentives . According to the latest updates, the measures should materialize in the first days of next week, in the Dpcm scheduled for Wednesday: they will cover the two-year period 2022-2024.

The allocation for 2022 amounts to 650 million euros . This is what the undersecretary Roberto Garofoli and the ministries of Roberto Cingolani, Daniele Franco, Giancarlo Giorgetti, Enrico Giovannini and Andrea Orlando would have agreed at Palazzo Chigi.

The car incentives will refer to electric, hybrid and Euro 6 cars and will be reduced in the absence of scrapping. Company fleets will not, however, be affected. There are motorbikes with compulsory scrapping and car sharing.

If companies were excluded from the car incentives, as emerges from some drafts of the Dpcm, it would be a serious blow to the sector. Asked by Ansa , just before the news from Palazzo Chigi, the general manager of Unrae , Andrea Cardinali, declared: “The exclusion of legal persons from incentives – explains Cardinali – is unprecedented and hits hard a sector that alone represents the 37.5% of purchases. A percentage – he continues – lower than that of other countries, such as Germany , which reaches 65% ” .

Unrae’s proposal

Unrae suggests a gradual VAT deduction and car incentives that take into account carbon dioxide emissions , favoring the most virtuous vehicles and gradually decreasing to the most polluting ones. In this case, the association proposes to increase the deduction percentage of the Value Added Tax from 40% to 100% for vehicles included in the carbon dioxide emission range 0-20 g / km, to 80% for the range 21-60 g / km and 50% for the 61-135 g / km range.

“A path – points out Cardinali – that cuts costs so far judged too high by the executive: we go from an estimated billion to about 400 in the first year, and then grow”. In this regard, the organization has requested the opening of an institutional table.