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Bugatti Rimac: new office in Berlin and two new hypercars “unveiled”

Bugatti Rimac “unveils” two new hypercars that will enter the range in the near future. Meanwhile, the office in Berlin opens.

Bugatti and Rimac announced the construction of a new engineering and design facility in Berlin. On that occasion the two manufacturers, now merged into a single reality, granted an image with all the cars of the relative brands, to which they deliberately added two cars hidden by a veil. These are the next Rimarc and Bugatti hypercars. Race cars of rare beauty that fuel the fantasies of high performance fans.

Fantasy gallops wild

The first car is parked next to a Nevera, the Croatian company’s hypercar capable of unleashing something like 1,940 horsepower and 2,360 Nm of maximum torque. This allows you to compare them easily: the missile of the future could be a sportier and track-oriented Nevera. The lines, apparently identical, let him assume, were it not for a more pronounced front splitter and a more pronounced rear wing. If so, it would be really interesting to find out how far the team will be able to go in terms of performance. The declared performances of the current beast are of a sprint from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds (1.97) and of 8.6 seconds for the completion of the quarter mile.

Moving on to the second top secret car, the clues as to what it will be are almost zero. The front highlights the iconic Bugatti grille and little else. However, statements made in the past allow us to get an idea of ​​this. Mate Rimac had argued that the heir of the Chiron will always be with a heat engine and, in addition, an electrically powered version will be added.

Unfortunately, we don’t have specific info and we don’t even know when the opportunity will come. In any case, by the end of 2022 the transalpine house should unveil it in an official form, certainly in a spectacular presentation. As logical as it is, given the audience to which it is aimed and the list price undoubtedly pharaonic.