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BMW, stop to factories: components are missing

BMW factories shut down for a week due to a lack of components, given what is happening in Ukraine.

In addition to the price in terms of human lives, the prevailing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is having economic repercussions, including in the automotive industry. Initially, problems related to microprocessors emerged, a hi-tech product manufactured in centers where contact between the operator and the asset is impossible. Now it is the wiring , made only by hand, to block important realities of the business with their lack. The news comes from BMW that the lines of the largest European plant, Dingolfing in Germany, will remain off for a week due to a lack of supplies from Ukraine.

As reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Faz) , the same fate will befall the other plant in Munich . Although to a lesser extent, there will be repercussions in the Mini plant in Oxford and in the Steyr plant in Austria, used for the construction of the engines. To create this bottleneck in the flow of automotive supplies – reads Faz – was the closure of the Leoni plants in the cities of Kolomyia and Stryji, where, until a week ago, about 7,000 employees were involved in car wiring. The inconveniences inherent in the ongoing invasion have had repercussions for other international suppliers with factories in Ukraine, including Aptiv, Kromberg & Schubert, Nexans, Sumitomo and Yazaki.

Volkswagen’s announcement to staff

Already in the past few days the Volkswagen Group had announced, by sending a letter to the staff, plans to reduce or suspend the activity in multiple plants due to the lack of components coming from Ukraine . And it has commissioned part-time jobs at its centers in Dresden and Zwickau.

Beyond the main Wolfsburg complex – which will only produce to a limited extent from next week – industrial sites in Dresden, Zwickau, Hanover’s commercial transport center and presumably Emden as well are affected.