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BMW: new partnership for autonomous driving

BMW has signed a new partnership agreement for the development of autonomous driving solutions, which will engage over 1,400 specialists.

BMW Group , Arriver Software and Qualcomm Technologies officially kick off a long-term partnership to develop autonomous driving technologies. The news dates back to the past few hours, announced in a press release.

In the note sent to the media, the companies explain that they have signed an agreement for strategic cooperation, which will focus on the joint formulation of autonomous driving technologies for the next generation of vehicles. The solutions under study are the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), but not only. In fact, the parties will join forces as well in the realization of auxiliary systems for advanced driving at level 2 and also at level 3.

The work builds on the current BMW Automated Driving , introduced last year on the BMW iX. A significant milestone that represents the first of many. In fact, in the future the collaboration between the actors involved in the operation will give rise to a further extension in the manufacture of the cars to come.

The main objectives

The companies will focus efforts on creating a scalable platform for automated driving , supported on a common reference architecture, safety requirements and sensor set specifications. The companies will share resources and experience in order to form a toolchain and data center for storing, reprocessing and simulating the various situations that can arise during a car trip.

Cooperation will require considerable commitment, which will result in many jobs. Specifically, the pursued mission will attract over 1,400 specialists moving in synergy in offices scattered around the globe, including in Germany, Romania, Sweden, USA, China and the BMW AD Test Center in the Czech Republic.