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Audi: stop manufacturing several models for the war in Ukraine

Audi has announced that it has stopped production of several lines due to logistical problems related to the war in Ukraine.

Following in the footsteps of Renault, other car manufacturers have decided to take a clear stance against what is happening on Ukrainian territory. The horrors caused by Moscow are ethically inadmissible and, moreover, have repercussions in terms of the smooth running of the works. Now an important update comes from Audi , ready to block production lines in Russian territory due to the latest war developments. Furthermore, there would be further inconveniences, linked to the procurement of fundamental elements, manufactured in the invaded country.

Stop to the works


According to information collected and disseminated by the German magazine Automobilwoche , the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer has confirmed the shutdown of the activity in certain places for a few days or even weeks. Among the plants affected by the decision are those that are involved in making the A4, A5, A6, A7, Q4 e-tron, Q7, Q8 and TT. Therefore, in the light of the measure taken, the public relations officers have formally announced “significantly longer delivery times . Meanwhile, the brand with the four rings has also notified that the A1, A3, A8, Q2 e-tron and Q5 lines have only suffered partial damage due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Audi also stressed that construction of the A4, A5, A6 and A7 will resume soon. In fact, there is talk of the first or at the latest of the second week of April. The situation is a bit more serious in the case of the e-tron , TT, Q8 and Q4. In fact, the activities will resume in mid-April, however at a low rate since the wiring is lacking given the decline or total collapse of their manufacturing since the beginning of the war. In short, the manufacturer is not in good water and the same is true for the entire engine industry, which has certainly experienced the best times.