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Alfa Romeo, Learned: “An E-class SUV for 2027”

Jean-Philippe Imparato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, has announced that an E-class SUV will be released in 2027.

Alfa Romeo is working on a “large, high-performance” and premium-range SUV. This is what the managing director Jean Philippe Imparato declares from the Netherlands. Ultimately, a product aimed at the most demanding customers, which will play an essential role in the development process of the Casa del Biscione, eager – on the same admission of the management body – to compete with high-caliber brands.

Above Giulia and Stelvio

I haven’t told anyone before,” the number one of Alfa Romeo anticipates in an interview with AutoWeek magazine, organized on the occasion of an event linked to the launch of the Tonale. “But since we want to be Stellantis’ global premium brand, and because everyone in the world knows our brand, I want to market a high-end SUV . What its shapes will be is still a question mark, but on top of a D-segment model (such as the Stelvio and Giulia, ed.) There will also be an E-segment car, with very high performance ” .

In short, a sort of Grecale or, why not, of the Levant, always remaining in the Stellantis universe. In any case, a prestigious car, very high-performance and obviously high in price. The ace in the hole to make your way in the territories where these XL specimens, with marked margins, are most appreciated.

“I asked myself: do we want to remain a European brand, or are we moving towards the most profitable segment in the world? – Learned continues – The answer was: let’s go to the more profitable segment. With this we are aiming for models like the BMW X5, X6 and the 7 Series. This decision was made recently and with it we can also enter growth markets such as China ” . And when asked when the vehicle will be shown, the CEO replies laconically and accurately: 2027 .